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Gideon programs help your child master essential skills in math and reading, helping to build both skills and confidence.



MATH $145/READING $145*


               Young Learner Reading $165/month

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(In Frisco or online at QuestLearningOnline.com)

Beginning Math Program

Letter recognition is necessary for children learning to read. The Gideon/ Quest Learning to Read program begins this process by introducing students to consonants, teaching them both letters and letter sound recognition...

Reading Program

The reading program provides a variety of building block exercises. The reading comprehension portion of these exercises includes a comprehension series designed to promote better learning with context and repetition... 

Learning to Read Program

The beginning math program is designed to help students achieve mastery of calculation skills. Students first recognize and practice numbers and their order. We know that mastery equals confidence and accuracy... 

With the math program your child will achieve mastery of essential math calculation skills. Mastery of these skills will create confidence, eliminate stress and develop...​

Math Program

Daily practice in the Gideon learning programs is similar to practicing an instrument. A little practice each day is what will build confidence, focus, and ability. This daily study trains the student to become an independent learner, preparing the child for middle school and beyond.

If you are not local to Frisco or if you would just prefer to have your child work from your home, Quest Learning Online is your solution. The same material is presented in digital form with live instructors to help your child. Click the button below,  call, or email.

We established the Gideon Foundation to serve as a non-religious, non-profit program that involves parents and their children in advancing both reading and math skills so that children are more competitive, competent, and prepared to enter college or the job market, regardless of family income.




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"The Quest program is simply amazing! Their principles, program and awesome caring instructors have made such a difference in the lives and education of both my boys. It helps build confidence and competence for kids who are both behind and advances in math, reading, and writing. Our family is thankful that we choose to go with Quest/Gideon over other programs like Kumon. Quest/Gideon offers a family feel and we trust them with the future of our children!" – Evie, parent


I saw how my friend's daughter was doing so well. My friend said I need to take my son to Gideon at Main and Teel. I found that the staff and Ms. Ardella were caring and supportive of where my child was and how he could grow in his math skills. In about 3 months, I started to see major changes in my son's confidence and math ability. I am very glad and excited I listened to that friend. Gideon West Frisco is the place to go!

 -- Yvonne, parent