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Number Sequencing
Addition and Subtraction
Multiplication and Division
Order of Operations
Positive/Negative Numbers
Solving Equations
Advanced Algebra
Probability and Statistics

Quest digital math program is designed to help students achieve mastery of calculation skills. We know that mastery equals confidence and accuracy. Before students can add and subtract though, they must be able to recognize and write their numbers.


Our young learner’s weekly digital math booklets focus on number recognition for numbers 1-500. The exercises include counting, number tracing, sequencing, next-number and number-before, and place value concepts. Our fine motor skills activities guide the young learner in proper number formation. Early concentration on these skills prepares children for the next step in the program.





With the Quest Learning Online math program, your child will achieve mastery of essential math calculation skills. Mastery of these skills also helps your child develop confidence, minimize stress, and establish a stronger math foundation.


The program's learning tools consist of weekly digital booklets arranged sequentially for each mastery level, from beginning number sequencing through high school geometry.


Calculations skills are presented in a step-by-step manner.  Each concept is practiced until real mastery is achieved.  The student is required to not merely understand how to perform an operation, but rather must internally "own" the knowledge of each new concept before advancement.  Testing and review confirm the student's mastery at each level.

Our individualized pacing benefits children at all ability levels and ages. Through daily practice and mastery of materials, students advance in small, manageable increments while improving their concentration, developing better study skills, and increasing confidence. 


Recommended oral drills complement the daily, digitally written work to facilitate memorization of the basic math facts. Finger counting, reliance on calculators, and other crutches make success in high school and college math very difficult. 


Quest Learning Online also addresses grade level word problems and standardized testing preparation with each child. We want our students to be ready and confident. 


Our goal at Quest Learning Online is to help your child build solid learning skills, disciplined study habits, and the confidence to succeed in school….and beyond. 

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